5 Advantages of Morning Sex You Should Know

5 Advantages of Morning Sex You Should Be Aware Of

Everyone has their own way to start their day. Some start their routine with a glass of coffee and tea, some start their morning with exercise, and some open it with morning sex.

For some people, morning sex can be 'therapy' to improve mood and energy in the morning. Basically, sex has a number of good benefits for the body, such as improving heart health, mental health, the immune system, and the quality of relationships.

Quoted from Health Shots, according to consultant obstetrics at Jaslok Hospital and Research Center Dr. Sudeshna Ray, the body's hormone levels increase in the morning, including sex hormones such as testosterone.

Here are 6 benefits of making love in the morning, according to Dr Sudeshna.

1. Improve mood instantly

Sex can help produce a number of hormones in the body that make the heart feel happy, such as oxytocin and dopamine which are often referred to as the 'hormones of happiness'. These hormones can help a person feel more relaxed, focused, and cheerful in going about their day.

2. Improve the immune system

Making love in the morning is believed to increase the production of IgA antibodies in the body which play a major role in mucosal immunity.

3. Helps improve memory

In addition to maintaining immunity, sex can also help activate the brain and encourage hormones to work in the body. According to Dr Ray, morning sex can help the brain to work optimally throughout the day.

4. Like morning exercise

Morning sex can be a form of morning exercise that helps burn calories and helps the body start the day with positive energy. Sex can also help relax the muscles in the body in the morning.

5. Increase libido

With the condition of the body that produces good hormones, such as oxytocin and dopamine, it will also encourage a sense of satisfaction including libido or sexual arousal.

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