Symptoms Of High Cholesterol Can Be Seen In The Nails, Like These Characteristics

Symptoms of high cholesterol can be seen in the nails, like these characteristics

High cholesterol levels often do not have known signs or symptoms. This makes this condition known as a silent killer.

If not treated immediately, it can cause serious illnesses such as strokes and heart attacks. The only way to find out the signs or symptoms of high cholesterol is to do a blood test.

However, the medical director at Olio Lusso, Monika Wassermann, said the signs of high cholesterol can be seen in the changes that occur in the body parts. One of them can be through the nails.

As quoted from the Express UK page, Monika said high cholesterol levels would cause clogged arteries and form plaque. This plaque makes the arteries narrow with large deposits that completely block them.

Cholesterol Signs on Nails

The Nails Develop Dark Lines

Monika revealed that clogged arteries due to bad cholesterol can cause dark lines to appear at the bottom of the nails.

"Even though high cholesterol is called a silent condition, dark lines under the nails are one of the best ways to recognize it," explained Monika, as quoted from Express UK on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

Those dark streaks are often referred to as "splinter hemorrhages." The line can range from red to reddish brown.

Nails become more brittle.

Symptoms of high cholesterol can also be marked by nails that are more brittle. As quoted from Express UK, this is one of the signs to watch out for regarding a condition called peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Even so, this one symptom takes a long time to develop.

Yellowing of the Nails

When an artery is blocked, it disrupts the cycle of blood flow throughout the body. It also affects blood circulation in the nails.

According to Healthshots, this condition can cause discoloration of the nails. This discoloration can occur in newly growing nails as well. 

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