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What is Mental Health? Here's How to Maintain It

What is Mental Health? Here's How to Maintain It

Mental Health - Mental health, or "mental health," is a condition in which individuals are free from all forms of symptoms of mental disorders. Individuals who are mentally healthy can function normally in carrying out their lives, especially when adjusting to deal with problems that will be encountered throughout one's life by using stress processing abilities.

Mental health is an important thing that needs attention like physical health does. Because the conditions of mental and physical health stability affect each other, Disorders of mental health are not a complaint that can only be inherited. Life demands that have an impact on excess stress will have an impact on mental health disorders that are far worse.

Therefore, finding out as much mental health knowledge as possible makes us far more alert than others, so that we can keep our minds as healthy as our bodies. The following is a comprehensive explanation of what mental health is. Here's how to take good care of it, which has been summarized from various sources:

Experts' Interpretation of Mental Health

1. Pieper and Uden (2006)

Mental health is a condition in which a person does not feel guilty about himself, has a realistic estimate of himself, can accept his weaknesses, has the ability to deal with problems in his life, has satisfaction in his social life, and has happiness in his life.

2. Sias (2006)

In defining mental health, it is strongly influenced by the culture in which a person lives. What is okay in one culture may be weird and out of the ordinary in another, and vice versa.

3. Frank, L.K. (2005)

Formulate a more comprehensive understanding of mental health and view mental health in a "positive" way. He argued that a person with mental health is someone who continuously grows, develops, and matures in life, accepts responsibility, finds adjustments (without paying too high a cost to himself or to society), and participates in maintaining social rules and actions in his culture.

Mental health is a condition in which individuals have stability and normal functioning when dealing with problems in their lives. Mental health is important, just like physical health, and is affected by life conditions and demands that can trigger stress. There are 3 definitions of mental health according to experts, namely: 1) people who have realistic estimates of themselves and can accept weaknesses; 2) people who are influenced by culture; and 3) people who continue to grow, develop, and mature in their lives.

How to Keep It

In addition to knowing the notion of mental health, it is important for us to understand how good ways to maintain our mental health are as good as maintaining physical health. Here are ways you can apply them so that your mental health is maintained:

1. Maintain Physical Activity by Exercising

The first way to maintain mental health is to stay active in sports. Experts believe that exercise can release hormones in our brains that can make us feel much better. Regular exercise can also boost your self-confidence and help you concentrate, sleep, and feel better. Staying active in sports can also maintain the health of the brain and other vital organs.

2. Eat well

The next way to maintain mental health is to eat good food and avoid foods that can damage physical and mental health. There is a very strong relationship between what we eat and how we feel. For example, caffeine and sugar can have immediate effects, but they can also have lasting effects on your mental health.

3. Reveal your feelings

Talking about your feelings can help you maintain good mental health. This is also especially true when facing problems. Talking about your feelings is not a sign of weakness. It's part of managing the condition well and doing what you can to stay healthy.

4. Get enough rest.

A change of scenery is good for mental health. For example, give yourself five minutes to clean up your homework, take a lunch break at work, or take a break from exploring a new place on the weekend.

Allow yourself some time to unwind.Give yourself or me my time.Rest can also be achieved by not doing much, taking a breath, and relaxing. Try yoga and meditation.

5. Accept yourself.

Some of us make people laugh; some people are good at math; and others are good at cooking. We are all different. It's much healthier to accept yourself if you are unique. Feeling comfortable with yourself will increase your confidence in being able to learn new skills, visit new places, and make new friends.

Important ways to maintain mental health are regular exercise, eating healthy foods and avoiding unhealthy foods, talking about feelings and problems, getting enough rest and giving yourself time, and accepting yourself and feeling good about yourself. alone. Mental health is an integral part of physical and mental health, so it is very important to take good care of it. Everyone has different ways to take care of their mental health, but these things can be a guide to start the journey to better mental health.

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